**WARNING** If you love your partner and care that nothing should come between you or put your relationship at Risk, don’t whatever you do, partake in a game of Star Wars Risk! You think I’m being over-dramatic I’m sure but picture this scenario: you are down to your last remaing three territories which are being bravely defended by six droid batallions. Your survival depends on this final battle between you and your partner (who has made a strategic alliance with another player).

If you’ve never played Risk before, it is a board game where the aim is to achieve total world domination. That’s the original version. Of course, the aim in Star Wars Risk is to dominate the whole Galaxy. There’s no room for diplomacy in this version of the universe. You want to rule it all. The game set-up involves claiming territories with pieces that represent battalions. Having control of a complete region gives you a strategic advantage. Consideration needs to be given when setting up the board as to which territories yours share borders with.

Territories in Star Wars Risk are won and lost by the toss of dice. The player whose turn it is will challenge another player for a territory and roll their dice to beat the numbers thrown. Each time the dice are thrown a piece is removed from the losing player’s territory for each losing dice rolled. Risk has a tendency to bring out the megalomaniac in a person. The taste of power becomes addictive and those susceptible to it’s pull will want more. It won’t matter if you are the partner of the power-hungry, if your territory is in his path to victory, your armies are mere obstacles to his ultimate glory.

So consider yourself warned. As you face off for the final skirmish over Tatooine, do you really want to throw that dice?

Background image credit: Wikimedia Commons

Use the Force!

This video gives more of an insight into the gameplay of Star Wars Risk

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